Month Setup Bullet Journal - November 2018

Month Setup Bullet Journal – November 2021

Can’t believe October is about to end, it’s time to work on a new Month Setup Bullet Journal – November is almost here and everything should be ready to make the best of it!

So many wishes and so many projects to work on during a year, and as the end of the year is almost here, it’s time to keep working to make those wishes to come true.

Never is too late to keep working to improve ourselves and our lives.

As you keep working on your Bullet Journal, you will notice how easy it is to set up everything for a new month, you already have some templates to follow and if you need it’s easy to make a few changes here and there to make of every month the best you can from it.

It doesn’t matter if your projects are professional or personal or crazy dreams, everything is good to work for it.

Every month gives you the opportunity to take a look to your plans and check out if they are working or not the way you planned.

If they are, keep at it, set up new goals and tasks to work on them, the goal is always close to be reached and make your life better.

If your plans are not working the way you planned, don’t feel sad, it can happen, it’s time to check your goals, and make the changes you need to make on the plan or on the tasks you’re working on to reach that goal.

To make changes in time will help you to reach that goal.

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November will be here in just about a few days more and it takes me to think about Gratitude.

It’s so easy to go day by day without stopping for a moment to take a look around me and be thankful for all I have, from living in a peaceful country, blue skies, a cozy home, a job and a great family.

More and more my Bullet Journal is helping me to take a moment every day and write 3 things that makes me happy or that I’m thankful for on that day.

Today, I can say I have almost 10 months from this year to take a look to those Gratitude spread and see how many good things have happened to me during this year.

You can read: How To Write A Gratitude Journal

If you haven’t start this new habit, it’s never too late to start, every day is a good day to start, today I made a new spread for my Bullet Journal to keep track of things that happen to me this month.

Get the Habit Tracker FREE Printable here!

It’s an undated spread, feel free to copy it and write down the name of the month and dates, write one to three things every day that you’re thankful for. By the end of the month you’ll have a beautiful spread to look at to remember the good in your life.

Materials Used

Steadtler Pigment Pen 0.3

Bullet Journal ruler

Steadtler pencil 2B

Bic color collection

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Month Setup Bullet Journal - November

How to set up a new month to begin organizing your life.

It doesn’t require lots of spreads on your Bullet Journal to have everything under control. A few monthly spreads will help you to know your monthly goals, the tasks you need to work on and it will take you just a few minutes to draw those monthly spreads you need to have.

As always, I like to make a month cover to inspire me to step on a new month that’s full with positive energy.

It must have a calendar for the new month, and a drawing of something relevant of the current month.

The cover will be on half of the paper A4, and in the other half I always have the Future Log.

Future Log always help me to write the weekly goals and important events to attend this month.

A few words on it, but it will help me to know what tasks I need to work on and make a plan to work on.

It won’t take you lots of time to draw this spread and to write down the important things you want to achieve this month, it’s important to know what you want to achieve during this month.

A few clear words or short phrases will help you to keep focused on your goals and work on the tasks for you to need to achieve them.

Mood Tracker Spread
Mood Tracker Spread

Mood Tracker Spread

A mood tracker will help you to know how this month was for you, it will help you to know more about you and to know if you have low days and why.

We all live in a world where productivity is important, but to know more about ourselves should be important to. If you get to know more about yourself and what days you feel good and ready to work on any task and to know more about the days you feel low and with no wishes to work on anything will give you important information about yourself.

Take decisions on good days for you, calendar small tasks to work on those days you know you won’t feel too good to work on important things.

Take a day off and relax, the mood tracker will give you this information if you work on it for a few months.

To Do List And Goals

So many things to do and to work on every single day and by the end of the week it looks like you did a lot but you didn’t achieve much at all.

That can happen to many of us, week after week and our dreams looks like they will never come true!

When you work hand by hand with your Bullet Journal, you know in advance what tasks are important to work on and you can plan your day working on those tasks first every single day.

Plan your next day by doing 3 important things early every morning when you’re fresh and full of energy, leave those things that will not require your full energy for later that day.

Make every day count, and see good progress in your goals and dreams.

Nothing is easier to work on than to have on paper the tasks you need to work on in advance, declutter your mind and work will be easier for you.

Some Dates to have in your mind during November:

1 – All Saints Day

2 – Dia de los Muertos

3 – Books lovers day.

11 – Veteran’s Day.

12 – Chicken Soup for the Soul Day.

14 – World Diabetes Day.

16 – International Tolerance Day.

17 – Homemade bread Day.

22 – Thanksgiving.

23 – Buy nothing day.

23 – National Espresso Day.

23 – Black Friday.

If you want to take a look to other things that can be celebrate on November, you can take a look here.

Do you have an important date to mark down on your calendar for this month?

A birthday, an anniversary or anything important you don’t want to forget about during this month, it’s time to mark it down before you get too busy.


The Bullet Journal or your personal planner are here to be one of the best tools you can have to help you to make the best of your life.

Getting everything under control and well organized is not hard to do, one day at a time and plan your week in advance.

Knowing in advance the goals you want to achieve and write them on paper will help you to work on making a plan with weekly and daily tasks to work on.

By the end of the month you will notice how well you could work on the important things that will take you to build a successful and happy life.

Don’t try to keep all in your head, it’s time to take a few minutes and plan a good month in advance.

You don’t need a fancy notebook to start your own bullet journal, any notebook is good to start to get organized, but if you’re looking to find a good notebook to start, you can check on my list here:

best notebooks for your bullet journal

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Month Setup Bullet Journal - November
Month Setup Bullet Journal – November

12 thoughts on “Month Setup Bullet Journal – November 2021”

  1. Very interesting and instructive article Alejandra!  November is really very close and I think that organization is very important if we want to catch up things in time. Thank you for reminding us on the black friday. It is a good time to spend some money on not so expensive stuffs.

  2. I keep thinking I should start a bullet journal, and after reading your inspiring post, I will do it as of month of November.

    Practicing gratitude is so important; I do it daily, and this is the perfect theme to start my bullet journal with.

    I like the idea of the mood tracker! What a great suggestion. That is going to be so useful.

    The daily tasks list is going to be really helpful. I can include my children’t activities and mine, and synchronize them that way. 

    Thanks for the great article!

  3. Is it almost November already? How did that happen? I’m always looking for the best way to keep organized and I hadn’t heard of a bullet journal until now. Can you explain it a little more? I looked on your site and it looks like it’s a pen and paper way to keep your life organized. Does it have advantages over regular planners?

    What about online planners? Sometimes I’m intrigued by those, but for some reason, I really prefer pen and paper when I’m doing my planning. Maybe because I find it to be easier. I think of something I need to do, and I write it down in my planner. 

    Did you draw those pictures on your bullet planner? I love them! 

  4. I could definitely use a journal like this to plan my days better. Currently I just take pieces of scrap paper and tape it to my wall, but it’s messy and pretty unorganized.

    I really like how you made different features such as the mood tracker, it would be pretty cool to look at it years later to see where you were in your life during that time. What a great idea you got there, I really like your drawings on it as well, you seem to be really creative!

    1. Hi Kent,

      I agree with you when you say a journal can help us to plan our days better and more efficiently.

      This is a great idea to keep the mood tracker and after a few years taking a look at it, I’m sure we all can get relevant information from it. If you plan to do this, you can also make some notes about why you were feeling happy or sad that particular day. 

      Have a great day!

  5. Thanks for sharing the November journal. It is a kind of journal that I was looking for. Keeping a journal is a habit that everyone should have to organise and plan all the event perfectly.It saves great amount of time to get some extra for myself.I would suggest it to all.

    1. Hello Sanjay!

      It’s so true, we all should know how to work with a journal to help us to get more organized and be more practical in life.

      It’s so true when you say it can save a lot of time and we all can work more efficiently.

      Thanks so much for your visit, have a great day!

  6. Hi Alejandra,

    I love your bullet journal! You have mentioned the mood tracker, which is a great idea! I should have keep track with my mood. I agree with what you said; don’t try to keep all in my head. Sometimes I thought I can remember all, but with so many things to do, I tend to miss one or two! Interesting to know there is a buy nothing day. Thanks for listing out the November dates. Life is busy and having bullet journal is a great idea.

    1. Hi Emily,

      Thanks so much for visiting my blog and leaving a comment.

      Yes, the mood tracker is a great tool to keep every month to help us to know more about ourselves, from getting to know why your mood can change to plan some tasks to work on when you know in advance your mood will be better and take a break when you don’t feel to good.

      Everyone has those not too good day!

      As we all keep to busy working on our personal projects or work, we tend to get so many ideas or things to do in our head, it’s normal to forget things. But when we talk about working to improve our lifestyle, it’s better to get used to write down on a notebook all those things and work with a clear head as we work.

      Have a nice day!

  7. This is such a great idea. It never occurred to me to make my own planner to fit my needs. I always have trouble finding planners that are laid out in the way I want. They are usually full of tiny blocks for each day of the month that I don’t like since they aren’t large enough to write much in. 

    I am needing to use a planner more for work now that we have to track our time for specific projects. This feels daunting at first since I never had to do this before and I am thinking about different ways to go about it. I might work on one project for 10 minutes in response to an email, then have to spend 10 minutes on something else if I get a phone call. I may then spend an hour or two on another project and then have to skim through 5 at the end of the day to track their progress. I have been deciding if I should lay out the different projects and write in the time as I work on them, or write down what I work on day by day…so many options. 

    I like your mood tracker and goals suggestions here. It has me thinking of ways I could incorporate these kinds of personalized ideas into my workday planning for the month as well. 

    I love the idea of doing a drawing for each month as well!

    1. Hi Swangirl,

      So nice to have you here!

      Thanks so much for your visit to my blog and your comment. It’s so true, many times as we start to work on a task, it’s so easy to get distracted by anything, the next thing you might notice is the rest of the day is gone and those important tasks we should be working on that day have forgotten and there’s no more time to do it.

      That is the big thing about how a good plan written on paper can help us to be focused to work on the important things that will help us to be better at work and in our lives.

      Let me know if you started to work with a personal planner and how do you find it, it has been helpful to stay focused on the tasks you need to work on?

      Have a great day!

  8. Cristina Cal y Mayor

    Querida Alejandra, me encantó leer un poco sobre lo que haces, siempre tan creativa y emprendedora, muy útiles tus sugerencias, saludos, besos y abrazos, te recuerdo cln cariño

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