Weekly Layout Ideas – Bullet Journal

weekly layout ideas bullet journal

  Weekly Layout Ideas – Bullet Journal Weekly layouts or spreads are the components of your Bullet journal that you’ll be working on almost everyday. More and more people use these layouts on their planners or bullet journal even when this is not part of the original bullet journal system that Ryder Caroll created, however I … Read more

Calligraphy For Beginners

  Bullet Journal is a great way to declutter your mind, get everything done and let your creative side shine out. One thing must of us could be worried about when working on a Bullet Journal or a planner is “I don’t like my handwriting” or “my handwriting is not pretty enough”. Calligraphy for beginners. But … Read more

Top Planners To Get You Organized

Top Planners To Get You Organized

Top Planners To Get You Organized. Get more organized is one of the resolutions people make at the beginning of every year, learn how and stay organized has become easier to accomplish when you work hand in hand with a personal planner. Top Planners To Get You Organized This list of top planners will help … Read more

Best Bullet Journal Tools 2020

best bullet journal tools 2018

It’s not hard to  get more organized and work smarter than harder, today I share these best bullet journal tools  for 2018, that will help you to achieve your goals. If you’re new to Bullet Journaling, as you work on it you’ll find how to plan your to do list of different task to do … Read more

Be Successful Life

Be successful life

  Why some people succeed while other people never can reach a point where they can be happy or feel like they reached success? Online and offline, more and more people are looking for a way to reach success. One way or another you might be one of them and me too, I would love … Read more

9 Ways To Improve Your Life

9 ways to improve your life

  The main purpose to start working on a personal planner is to improve your life. If you had been trying to do everything everyday I guess you might feel so tired today, and you might think you can’t keep at it, you might think you need to do something completely different in your life. I … Read more

The wellbeing Journal Review

the wellbeing journal

  If you’re looking for a planner to inspire you to build a better life and you love beautiful illustrations, the wellbeing journal might be the right one for you. But this journal is not a simple journal, it will inspire you to work in a different way, as  each page of this gorgeous journal has … Read more